FL-C60D Bi-color Portable LED Spot Light

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FL C60D 1
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Bi-color Portable LED Spot Light

◆ 60W super bright COB LED light
◆ 15°-60° Spot/Flood adjustable
◆ 2700K-8000K continuously adjustable
◆ 0-100% flick-free dimming
◆ Super high CRI Ra≥92, TLCI≥96
◆ DMX512 controlled color, dimmer, angle
◆ LCD display color, dimmer and DMX
◆ Silent mode by fans switching off
◆ LED overheat detection and protection
◆ 4-leaf metal barn doors
◆ U-shape and lighting stand mount

FL C60D 3
FL C60D 4

60W Portable LED Spot Light

Super bright and long-life COB-LED

FL-C60D portable LED spot light adopts Chip-On-Board LEDs of 50,000 hours lifetime, 60W power, bi-color, DMX adjusting focus angle, as the key light of interview light kit or field video productions.

FL C60D 5
FL C60D 6

Spot /Flood Adjust

15° - 60° Electromotion/DMX adjust

FL-C60D outputs 15° - 60° beam angle adjusting by Electromotion knob or DMX. The illuminance is as high as 25000Lux @ 1 meter. The following output illuminances at different distances are for reference:

Distance 15°Spot 60°Flood
1 meters 25000Lux 4000Lux
2 meters 6250Lux 1000Lux
3 meters 2700Lux 445Lux
Bi-color temperature

2700K-8000K continuously adjustable

FL-C60D COB-LED alternated with 2700K and 8000K LEDs, and the output color temperature can be continuously adjustable between 2700K and 8000K.FL C60D 7


Accurate Color Reveal

CRI Ra 92; TLCI 96

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source. And TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) is special for the color reveal ability by camera sensor. Max value 100.
The normal LED light has 80-85 CRI or TLCI, while FL-C60D offers the super high CRI at 92 and TLCI at 96, and will not lost the object original colors.

FL C60D 8
FL C60D 9

LCD Display and Control

Press knobs to enter Quick Adjusting Mode

FL-C60D has 3 knobs to control dimmer, color temperature and spot angle. The Dimmer and Color Temperature knobs can be pressed down to enter quick adjusting mode, and long pressed down to enter DMX address setting and Fan on/off control.

Knob Dimmer Color Temp
Default 1% fine adjust 100K fine adjust
Press 10% quick adjust 2700K/3200K/4500K/5600K/
Long Press DMX address DMX address set Fan ON/OFF switch *

* The dimmer will be limited to Max 50% if the fan is turned off.


DMX512 Channels

Dimmer, Color temperature and Spot angle

FL-C60D adopts standard 5-pin DMX input, supports DMX512 protocol, and adjusts dimmer, color temperature and spot angle by DMX controller.
FL-C60D occupies 3 DMX addresses:
n = Dimmer 0-100%
n+1 = Color temperature 2700-8000K
n+2 = Spot angle 15°-60°

Long press the Dimmer knob for 2 seconds, to enter DMX address setting.

FL C60D 10
FL C60D 11  

USB Power Output

To power the Wireless DMX Receiver

FL-C60D provides a 5V USB power output socket, to power the SWIT Pocket Wireless DMX Receiver.

Refer to: LA-WR8 Pocket Wireless DMX controller


11-36V Wide Input Voltage

4-pin XLR DC input, provide V/Gold mount plate

FL-C60D supports 11-36V wide range voltage input, with 4-pin XLR DC socket, and provides with V-mount or Gold mount plate adaptor to fix onto light stand, and power the light by D-tap to 4-pin XLR DC cable..

FL C60D 12
Standard Accessories

FL-C60D single light package includes:
1x AC-DC power adaptor
1x Light stand mounted Battery plate
(V-mount S-7200S or Gold mount S-7200A for option)
1x D-tap to 4-pin XLR DC cable

Portable 3-light kit is provided for field productions, includes:
3x FL-C60D lights
3x AC-DC power adaptors
3x lighting tripods (49-200cm)
3x Light stand mounted Battery plates
(V-mount S-7200S or Gold mount S-7200A for option)
3x D-tap to 4-pin XLR DC cables
1x Trolley case

FL C60D 13

Technical Description
CRI Testing Result
FL C60D 14
TLCI Testing Result
FL C60D 16
FL C60D 17
FL C60D 18
FL C60D 19
FL C60D 20
Beam angle
15°- 60°
Max illuminance
Spot 25000Lux
Flood 4000Lux
Spot 6250Lux
Flood 1000Lux
Spot 2700Lux
Flood 445Lux
Color Temperature
USB out
Approx. 60W
Working voltage