S-2241 Bi-color SMD On-camera LED light

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Bi-color SMD On-camera LED light
◆ 153pcs ultra bright long-life LEDs
◆ Surface mounted LED technology
◆ 120°(half-declined 68°) wide beam angle
◆ 3200K-5600K continuously adjustable
◆ 20W power, 640Lux @ 1 meter center
◆ 10%-100% flick-free dimming
◆ Super high CRI Ra≥92, TLCI≥97
◆ Interchangeable various DV battery plates
◆ Support DC 6-17V input from D-tap
◆ Provide ball head, diffuser, and bag
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153pcs Surface Mounted LEDs

Area light, soft and glareless

S-2241 is an on-camera LED news light, with surface mounted LED technology, includes 153pcs ultra bright SMD LEDs, suitable for wide area on-camera lighting. The provided diffuser cover generates an equally spread, glareless area light for close interview and professional film lighting.

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Super wide beam angle

LED 120°; Half-declined at 68°

The SMD LED of S-2241 has 120° wide beam angle, and generates an equally spread, wider area light comparing to traditional DIP LED bulbs. 
Take center illuminance as 100% brightness, when declined to 50% at the edge, the "half-declined" beam angle can still reach to 68°, which means the light is equally spread onto the whole environment, instead of just concentrated at center.

Bi-color temperature

3200K-5600K continuously adjustable

Every SMD LED of S-2241 is packaged with 5600K and 3200K LEDs, and the output color temperature can be continuously adjustable between 3200K and 5600K. The bi-color SMD LED is more reliable and has better consistency on color temperature.

S 2241 7

High Color Reveal Ability

CRI Ra≥92; TLCI≥97

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source. And TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) is special for the color reveal ability by camera sensor. Max value 100.
The normal LED light has 80-85 CRI or TLCI, while S-2241 offers the super high CRI at 92 and TLCI at 97, and will not lose the object original colors. 

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S 2241 9

Magnetic Diffuser Cover

With organic light diffusion agent

S-2241 provides a diffuser cover, to be attached on the front of LEDs by magnet. The diffuser cover adopts the PC material with organic light diffusion agent, which increased the transmission of light, and provides a soft, glareless and comfortable lighting effect.

6-17V DC Input

Various DV plates / D-tap cable

S-2241 accepts 6-17V wide voltage input, so you can get DC power from V-mount / Gold mount batteries, or DV batteries.
When input voltage is 6-10V (DV battery power), S-2241 will reduce to 12W to save power.
S-2241 also supports SWIT S-7004 series snap-on type DV battery plates to install, and select various types of DV battery to power.

S 2241 10

Interchangeable DV plates

Model of Plates Compatible batteries
S-7004F SONY NP-F970/770
SWIT S-8972, S-8970, S-8770
S-7004U SONY BP-U60/U30, SWIT S-8U63, S-8U93
S-7004D Panasonic CGA-D54 VW-VBG58, SWIT S-8D62, S-8D58, S-8D98
S-7004B Panasonic VW-VBG6, SWIT S-8BG6
S-7004V JVC BN-VF823, SWIT S-8823
S-7004i SSL-JVC50, SWIT S-8i50, S-8i75
S-7004C Canon BP-945/970G, SWIT S-8845, S-8945
S-7004E Canon LP-E6, SWIT S-8PE6
S 2241 11

Standard Accessories

S-2241 standard package provides:

1x Magnetic diffuser cover
1x D-tap power cable
1x S-7004 series DV plate (U/F/D/B/V/I/C/E optional)
1x 1/4” screw / Cold shoe ball head
1x Carrying bag

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