S-2051 Chip Array LED On-camera Light

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Chip Array LED On-camera Light
◆ Chip Array LED technology
◆ 40W, 3000Lux @ 1 meter, dimmerable
◆ 200W equivalent output
◆ Single shadow, glareless
◆ 60° wide beam angle, equally spread
◆ Cool touch
◆ 5000K color temperature
◆ 5600K and 3200K filter
◆ Color rendering index: 85
◆ 11-17V D-tap power supply
◆ Screw and cold shoe mount
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S 2051 3

 Chip Array LED

New generation LED technology

The S-2051 on-camera LED light adopts the new generation LED technology called Chip Array LED, which integrates the LEDs into a chip with high brightness output but in smaller size, and the most remarkable, it offers a equally spread, soft, glareless light, similar to the traditional Halogen bulb light.

S 2050 5 
 S 2050 6  

40W Light Output, 200W Blub Equivalent

3000 Lux @ 1 meter distance and 1 meter scale

S-2051 feeds 40W light output, and equivalent to a 
200W halogen bulb. The illuminance is 3000 Lux at 1
meter distance and 1 meter scale.

 Wider Beam Angle

Equally spread lights, no visible beam edge

The traditional LED lights use lens to converge and get a higher brightness, but dropped down quickly around, which will generate a visible lighting border in the image.
In comparison, the Chip Array LED generates a wider beam angle, equally spread from the center to edge, and suitable for HD shooting.

 S 2050 7
 S 2050 8  

Glareless light, Single Shadow

The traditional LED array always generates several highlight
pots on retina and people will feel glaring, even can’t recover
sight until a few seconds. In comparison, the SWIT Chip Array
LED has only one bulb in appearance, and output a glareless,
single shadow light, suitable for close interview shooting.

 3200K/5000K/5600K Color Temperature

The S-2051 LED has 5000K color temperature and also equipped with a 5600K (Daylight) and a 3200K (Tungsten) color temperature filter. You can switch the color temperature easily.

 S 2050 9
 S 2050 10  

11-17V D-tap Power Supply

The S-2051 accepts 11-17V voltage input, and goes with a D-
tap to pole-tap cable (S-7104), to plug into the DC-IN port of
S-2051 and get power from D-tap power output sockets, such
as batteries, battery plates, or camera handle. 11-17V D-tap 
Power Supply

 Dimmer control

S-2051 has a dimmer controller to adjust the light output from 10%-100%. The color temperature will not change during the 
dimmer controlling.

 S 2050 11
 S 2050 12  

Cold Shoe and Screw head installation

S-2051 can be fixed on camera via 1/4” screw head, and the
package also goes with a spare cold shoe part for
users to change the screw connector to cold shoe.

  Standard Package

S-2051 package includes: 
1x D-tap to Pole-tap power cable (S-7104) 
1x Spare cold-shoe connector
1x Portable bagS 2050 13