S-7500C Canon BP Dummy Battery Adaptor

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Canon BP Dummy Battery Adaptor 
◆ Canon BP type dummy battery
◆ Pole-tap DC connector
◆ Power Canon DV cameras by AC-DC


Canon BP Type Battery Comparable

S-7500C is the Canon BP type dummy battery adaptor. 
Mount the dummy battery head onto Canon DV camera, and connect with pole-tap DC power source, you can prolong the camera running time or get uninterrupted power source from AC-DC adaptor.

S 7500C 5
S 7500C 6

Pole-tap DC connector

S-7500C can be connected with power source by 5.5/2.1mm pole-tap connector, compatible with SWIT DV batteries with Pole-tap socket; SWIT S-3602F/M/P/B/J/V/i/C DV battery charger/adaptor, and SWIT S-4310 power distributor for shoulder rigs.