M-1071A rack mount Audio/Video LCD monitor

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M 1071A 1

M-1071A rack mount Audio/Video LCD monitor

◆ 7-inch LCD, 1024×RGB×600
◆ 16:9 / 4:3 adjustable
◆ 3.0-inch antimagnetic coaxial speaker
◆ 16-ch VU/PPM audio meters display
◆ Lissajous patterns display
◆ Audio peak wave display
◆ Pair audio Selectable output
◆ 3-color TALLY light
◆ Underscan / Overscan switch
◆ Customer editable video TITLE
◆ Video zoom-in
◆ Video flip
◆ 19-inch 3RU rack mount


The M-1071A is a 19-inch 3RU rack mount monitor, with professional digital audio process and analysis functions, specially designed for audio engineers to monitor the SDI/HDMI embedded audio levels, phase and peak waves.


The M-1071A adopts a 7” 1024*600 resolution LCD panel to display the video and audio analysis patterns, support HDSDI, HDMI input, and with 2 high performance 3.0-inch antimagnetic coaxial speakers for SDI/HDMI embedded audio output.
The digital audio analysis patterns include 16-ch audio VU/PPM meters, Lissajous patterns and peak waves. You can Select each pair of 16-ch audio to output via speakers.


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