M-1093F Dual 9-inch FHD Waveform Rack LCD Monitor

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M 1093F 1
M 1093F 2 M-1093F
Dual 9-inch FHD Waveform Rack LCD Monitor
◆ 9-inch IPS LCD Panel ×2
◆ 1920×1200 resolution, 800:1 contrast
◆ 19-inch 4U rack mounting, ±30° rotatable
◆ 2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, CVBS monitoring
◆ 16-ch Embedded audio meters with alert
◆ Select any 2 audio channels to output
◆ Waveform Y/Cb/Cr/R/G/B and single line
◆ Vector scope, histogram R/G/B/Y
◆ AFD, H/V delay, R/G/B/Mono, False color
◆ TSL UMD and text TALLY display
◆ Zebra stripes, Peaking focus assist
◆ SDI timecode display
◆ Marker 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, 15:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1
◆ TALLY light and GPI control
◆ USB firmware upgrade
M 1093F 3
M 1093F 4

9-inch IPS LCD

IPS panel with LED backlight

The M-1093F adopts 2× 9-inch IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD panels, with Full HD 1920×1200 resolution and LED backlight, 800:1 contrast. The viewing angle is Horizontal: 170° / Vertical: 170°

M 1093F 5
M 1093F 6

Input/Output Interfaces

SDI / HDMI / CVBS / Analog Audio

Each LCD of M-1093F supports:
2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI input × 2
2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI loop output × 2 
HDMI 1.3 input × 1
HDMI 1.3 loop output × 1 
CVBS input × 1
CVBS loop output × 1
3.5mm analog audio input × 1
3.5mm analog audio output × 1

Video Analysis Assistant Pattern

Waveform / Vector scope / Histogram

M-1093F supports video analysis assistant patterns includes: Waveform (Y/Pb/Pr/R/G/B), Vector scope, Histogram (R/G/B/Y), to convert the digital video quality info (Luma, Color, Saturation, etc) to patterns, and the patterns can be switched on/off individually, select display position (Up/Down/Left/Right), size, color, and translucence. 

M 1093F 7


Embedded Audio Monitoring 

Up to 16-ch meters with alert and select output

M-1093F supports SDI-16ch and HDMI-8ch embedded audio meters display, with marks and audio abnormal alert info. Users can also select any 2 channels audio to output via 3.5mm socket or speakers. The audio meter pattern position can be selected from one of four corners, and you can select to display only 2 channels, 8 channels, and full 16 channels. Also scale markers, alert info, and translucent of the audio meter pattern are selectable.

M 1093F 8
M 1093F 9

UMD and Text-Tally Display

TSL 3.1 / 4.0 Protocol

M-1093F supports UMD and Text-Tally display of TSL 3.1/4.0 protocol, with 1-126 TSL address selection, and Max 8 letters displayed. The UMD/TALLY signal inputs via RJ45(RS485) port on the rear panel of the monitor. 

Peaking, R/G/B/Mono only, Zebra, False color

M 1093F 10 

 Timecode, H/V delay, AFD, Scale Markers

M 1093F 11

USB Firmware Upgrade 

The monitor provides a standard USB port on the rear panel, for firmware upgrade. Users can download the latest firmware file to a USB stick, and directly insert into M-1093F monitor to upgrade, without PC connection.

M 1093F 12
M 1093F 13


3-color TALLY Light 

RJ45(RS485) input signal

There are front TALLY lights of Red, Green and Yellow colors on each screen, and users can define the pins of RJ45 port to control the TALLY lights.

 Power Supply

M-1093F provides a 4-pin XLR socket of DC 6.5-24V power input, for the both 2 screens, and an AC-DC adaptor is attached on the rear panel of the monitor.

M 1093F 14



M-1093F is standard 19” rack mount fixing, occupies 4U height. The monitor is ±30° up and down rotatable when installed on racks.

M 1093F 15


Standard Package

M-1093F offers the following accessories as standard package:
1x 4-pin XLR power adaptor
2x LCD protective film 

M 1093F 16