M-1072A 7-inch SDI/HDMI Audio Loudness Monitor

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M 1072A 1
7-inch SDI/HDMI Audio Loudness Monitor
◆ 7-inch FFS LCD Panel of 1024×600
◆ 3.0” Magnetically shield coaxial speaker
◆ 19-inch 3U standard rack mounting
◆ HD/SD-SDI, HDMI input and loop out
◆ 2-ch SDI/HDMI VU&PPM audio meters
◆ SDI/HDMI audio loudness meter
◆ Average loudness value display
◆ Trace history loudness by waveforms
◆ Count history loudness by histograms
◆ Audio Lissajous phase pattern display
◆ Quad-split or full screen display
Broadcast Digital Audio Loudness Monitor

Follows ITU and EBU loudness standards

Traditional PPM and VU meters measure the physical property of audio itself, while loudness is the subjective feelings of human beings. People may feel uncomfortable if different TV programs have different loudness level. In order to regulate the audio loudness in broadcast industry, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and European Broadcasting Union (EBU) established standard of how to calculate loudness and what is the target loudness value that people feel comfortable.
SWIT M-1072A is the right monitor for SDI/HDMI embedded audio loudness monitoring, follows ITU-R BS.1770-3 and EBU-R-128 standards.

M 1072A 5
M 1072A 6

7-inch 1024×600 LCD

FFS panel with LED backlight

The M-1072A provides a 7-inch FFS (Fringe field switching) LCD panel, with 1024×600 resolution and LED backlight, 400cd/m2 brightness and 900:1 contrast. The viewing angle is Horizontal: 160° / Vertical: 160°.

3.0-inch antimagnetic coaxial speaker

Equipped with 2 of 3.0-inch antimagnetic coaxial speakers, the M-1072A can output high quality embedded audios. The frequency response range is 130Hz(±5Hz)~22KHz.
M-1072A also supports SDI/HDMI embedded audio output via 6.35mm headphone socket.

M 1072A 7
M 1072A 8

Multi-format Input/Output


M-1072A rack monitor supports: 
HD/SD-SDI input × 2
HD/SD-SDI loop output × 2
HDMI input × 1
HDMI loop output × 1 



VU/PPM meters and Loudness Meter

For SDI/HDMI embedded audio

M-1072A can display 2 channels (ch-1&2) of SDI/HDMI embedded audio VU/PPM meters, and the SDI/HDMI realtime loudness meters.
The VU/PPM meters are green, and will turn yellow when audio level exceeds -20dB, and will turn red when exceeds -9dB.
The Loudness meter marked -26LKFS to -22LKFS as the target comfortable section, regulated by ITU and EBU standards.


M 1072A 9
M 1072A 10

History Loudness Trace

By waveforms

The realtime loudness meters and value can hardly tell people how loud the audio is. We need to record and mark the loudness values in a period of time, and display the run chart, so that people can check the loudness level visually.
M-1072A monitor offers the history loudness run chart of past 1 minute period, and user can set a particular time period to define the second run chart.


History Loudness Count

By histogram

Besides the waveform trace of past period loudness values, M-1072A monitor also designed the histogram to statistics a complete program time of loudness values. People can check if the most of loudness values are distributed into -26LKFS to -22LKFS, the “Target comfortable section”.
The green histogram is to count the complete time, and purple histogram is to count the user defined period of time. 


 M 1072A 11
 M 1072A 12  

Audio Lissajous phase pattern

The Lissajous pattern provides instantaneous feedback of the left/right audio channel distribution during a remix. The pattern orientation indicates at a glance whether the present mix is balanced or concentrated to either side, and the distance of the spot to the center indicates the audio level.


Quad-split or Full-screen Display

Display video and audio graphics simultaneously

The 7” LCD can be quad-split to 4 sections, and each section is user definable, to display video or either of the audio graphics, including realtime meters, waveforms, histograms and Lissajous. Moreover, users can also set each of the section to full screen display.

 M 1072A 13
 M 1072A 14  

Power Supply

M-1072A provides a 4-pin XLR socket of DC 6.5-17V power input, and an AC-DC adaptor is attached on the rear panel of the monitor.


3-color TALLY Light

DB-9 input signal

There are front TALLY lights for each screen, with 3 colors display, and controlled via DB-9 ports on the rear panel.

Various types of DV battery plates are provided for optional, with snap-on designed, quick released and interchangeable with each other. There’re following DV plates for selection:


 M 1072A 15

M-1072A is standard 19” rack mount fixing, occupies 3U height. The monitor is ±30° up and down rotatable when installed on racks.M 1072A 16

Standard Package

The M-1072A standard package includes:
1x 4-pin XLR power adaptor (A-PA02)
1x LCD protective film (A-PF07) 

M 1072A 17