S-2420C Bi-color Edge Mounted Soft Panel LED light

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S 2420 1
S 2420 2 S-2420C
Bi-color Edge Mounted Soft Panel LED light
◆ 160pcs ultra bright edge mounted LEDs
◆ Soft and non-glaring light
◆ 3200K-5600K continuously adjustable
◆ 40W power, 623Lux @ 1meter
◆ 10%-100% flick-free dimming
◆ CRI Ra=96, TLCI=98
◆ LCD display color and dimmer value
◆ V-mount / DV battery or AC-DC adaptor
◆ Strong metal housing and super-thin design
◆ U-shape support and lighting tripod mount

S 2420 3
S 2420 4

160pcs of Edge-lit LEDs Soft-lighting Panel light

Area light, soft and glareless

S-2420C is a portable ultra-thin studio light, adopts 160pcs of ultra bright LEDs which distributed on the edge of the light body frame, through diffuser to form uniformly illuminated area light which is soft and glareless, and is very suitable for professional video and photography field such as mobile studios. 

S 2420C 5 
 Bi-color temperature

3200K-5600K continuously adjustable

S-2420C has 80pcs 5600K LEDs and 80pcs 3200K LEDs, and the output color temperature can be continuously adjustable between 3200K and 5600K. 

S 2420C 6

623Lux @ 1 meter 

10-100% flick-free dimming

S-2420C feeds 623 Lux Illuminance at 1 meter distance, 260Lux Illuminance at 2 meter distance while consumes 40W power. It supports 10% to 100% PWM digital integrated dimming, and the process is smooth, stable and no flash.

S 2420C 7
S 2420C 8  

LCD screen display

Illuminance, color temperature value, battery power info

The rear LCD screen can display the current Illuminance, color temperature value and remaining power percentage.


DC 12-17V Power Supply

By V-mount battery/ DV battery/ AC-DC adaptor

S-2420C is equipped with a V-mount battery plate and two SONY L series DV battery plates, and you can mount one V-mount battery or two DV batteries onto the light to get powered (two DV batteries should use at the same time).
It also provides DC input socket, to power the light by the supplied AC-DC adaptor.

 S 2420C 9
S 2420C 10