S-8192A 92+92Wh Separable Gold mount

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S 8192A 1

92+92Wh Dividable Gold Mount Battery Pack
◆ Divide into 2 parts of 92Wh capacity 
    each (Patent)
◆ Not restricted by IATA air
    transportation regulations
◆ Li-ion, 14.4V, 92+92Wh capacity
◆ D-tap output socket
◆ 4-level LED power indicator
◆ Gold mount type connection
◆ Multiple circuit protections

The IATA DGR regulations restrict the air transportation of over 100Wh Li-ion battery packs, while the high capacity batteries are quite necessary for cameramen. S-8192A is the SWIT patented product of separable design, which can be split into 2 parts, and each part has 92Wh capacity, under 100Wh, still IATA regulations complied and you can carry the battery onto airplane, or ship as air cargo without restriction.
The S-8192A is Gold mount type, with a D-tap socket to power other on-camera devices simultaneously, and a 4-level LED indicator to give you a quick view of remaining power before using. The build-in intelligent circuit has multiple protections of abnormal current, voltage and temperature.

S 8192A 1 S 8192A 2
S 8192A 3 S 8192A 4