PB-S98A 98Wh Multi-sockets Square Digital Battery Pack

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98Wh Multi-sockets Square Digital Battery Pack

◆Square shape design for Cine-cameras
◆Max 100W, 8A load
◆2× D-tap output sockets (Max 100W/8A in total)
◆1× USB 5V/2A power output sockets
◆LCD display accurate remaining run time
◆Display power info in both SONY & RED
◆Multiple circuit protections

PB S98A 3
PB S98A 4 

Square shape design for Cine-cameras

PB-S series camera batteries are compact designed, shorter than normal batteries, and match perfectly with most of the Cine-cameras.

PB S98A 5 
 PB S98A 6  

98Wh / 6.8Ah Capacity

Consists of 12pcs of high class 18650 battery cells, nominal voltage is 14.4V and reaches 98Wh / 6.6Ah high capacity.
Can run approx 3 hours for normal ENG cameras.

Multiple output sockets design

2× D-tap output sockets, 1× USB 5V/2A power output socket

PB-S98A is equipped with 2 D-tap DC output sockets, which can power other on-camera equipments together. The Max output current of D-tap is 8A, 100W.
PB-S98A is equipped with 1x USB 5V/2A output, which can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices.PB S98A 7

Digital Power Info

LCD display accurate remaining run time

The build-in LCD can displays remaining power percentage, remaining working time, low power warning, and battery cycle times, and support viewfinder info display on both SONY and RED cameras. PB S220S 8

LCD alarm code description

①P01~P13: The battery trigger protection function and it can be recovered;
② When the battery rests over 10 days or runs out of power,it will enter sleep mode and the LCD will not display.
③ E01~E03: Not recoverable error, please contact manufacturers to repair, do not disassemble the battery.
Common battery protection code:

Run out of power, please charge the battery asap.
Over-voltage when charging, please remove the battery, discharge the battery to decrease the battery voltage to restore.
Over-current when charging, please remove the battery, and it will restore after 30 seconds’ standing.
The load is too heavy, please remove the battery, and it will restore after 30 seconds’ standing.
Battery short circuit, please make sure that there is no foreign body between the electrodes or remove the battery, and it will restore after 30 seconds’ standing.
Temperature protection, please remove the battery and place at room temperature to recover
PB S220S 9

Technical Description
High quality Lithium cells

For 20 years, SWIT has been leading brand of broadcast camera batteries. The first reason is the high quality Lithium cells we adopted.
The high quality cells featured long life, durable, safety, and most of all, the cells has very little difference to each other, which ensures the high performance of the whole battery pack.
Moreover, the cells we’re using, have a smooth discharging curve by voltage, so that you can judge the remaining running time accordingly. Also when in storage, the self-discharging rates are very little, that extends the battery life effectively.

 S 8360S 12
Multiple Safety Protection Circuit
The battery has an MCU to measure and record the real time data, and will cut off power when over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high-temperature of low-temperature is detected.
Cell balance adjustment
After the batteries are used for a period of time, the cells voltage might get difference, and our specially designed circuit can optimize the imbalanced cells, to prolong the battery life.


Battery plate Gold-mount
Nominal voltage 14.4V


Max output Electrodes 100W,8A


USB 10W,5V/2A
In total




Net weight 0.809kg
Max charging current 3A
D-TAP socket number


USB socket number