S-8340S 160Wh Heavy Duty Digital Battery Pack

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160Wh Heavy Duty Digital Battery Pack
◆ Dual housing strong structure
◆ 14.4V, 160Wh capacity
◆ Max 150W/12A heavy load
◆ 6A fast charging support
◆ 8-LED digital power indicators
◆ SONY viewfinder power info display
◆ D-tap power output socket
◆ V-mount connection
◆ Multiple circuit protections

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 Heavy Duty Digital Li-ion Battery

V-mount camera battery

S-8340S is a 160Wh V-mount battery, for Cine and ENG cameras, with latest designed dual housing heavy duty structure, drop-off proof and water proof. The battery supports high load, fast charging and digital power info display, which is an ideal power solution for field applications. 

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Strong Protective Structure

Dual housing + Robber cover, IP66 protection

S-8340S has innovative dual housing structure: the inner cell cage and outer anti-shock housing with rubber covers. The new structure makes the battery quite strong, anti-shock, protects the battery from drop-off accident, as well as IP66 class water/dust proof. 


160Wh / 11.1Ah Capacity

The largest capacity for airplane boarding

Consists of 18pcs high class 18650 battery cells, and reaches 160Wh / 11.1Ah high capacity, which is the largest capacity to board to airplane.
Can run approx 6 hours for normal ENG cameras, and approx 2 hours for ARRI ALEXA. 

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 S 8340S 8  

High Load for Cine Cameras

Max 150W / 12A constant output

Normal Li-ion batteries offer 100W/8A output and suitable for most ENG cameras, but the Cine Cameras such as ALEXA require around 85W high draw which is too heavy for the normal Li-ion batteries: the battery life will be reduced if long time full draw powering. Moreover, if there’re monitor, lighting work together, and total power will be above 100W, and the normal batteries cannot draw completely.
Using S-8340S high-load battery, you can get MAX 140W/12A constant power output, which can drive more high power cameras, lightings and other equipments easily, and won’t reduce battery life during long time high power output.


6A Fast Charging

Using SWIT S-3812S fast charger

S-8340S supports 6A fast charging by SWIT S-3812 fast charger, to save more than 50% charging time. The 160Wh S-8340S battery can be charged from 0 to 80% after 1.5 hours, and fully charged within 2.5 hours. 

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 S 8340S 10  

Digital Power Info

8-LED+SONY viewfinder reading

S-8340S has the innovative 8-LED power indicators. When free or charging, the LEDs will indicate current capacity percentage, and when battery is discharging, the LEDs will display the remaining running time at the current discharging power, accurate to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the battery pack adopts intelligent digital info chip that compatible with SONY camera info system, and can display remaining minutes on camera viewfinder. 


D-tap Socket

A D-tap DC output socket is equipped on the top side of the battery pack, to power the other on-camera equipments together.
The Max output current of D-tap is 10A. 

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